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We are Yakov and David Ben Efraim, a son and father team of literature aficionados based in Montreal, Quebec, who run the blog Quick Book Reviews, as well as the book review website, Bookwormex.com. We’re in the business since 2012, and our lives revolve around literature in one way or another, whether we’re reading, writing, interviewing authors, reviewing novels or seeking out hidden gems. Our passion for literature was there since day one, and has been a guiding light in our endeavors for years.

We’ve made it our goal to proliferate our love for literature around the world, help people find the books they didn’t know they were looking for, and allow lesser-known authors to get more exposure for  their work. We are firm believers in the idea of books defying traditional classification methods, largely since there is no telling how any reader’s relation to any particular book might develop. Reading is an extremely personal endeavor, and we feel a book’s greatness is largely defined by whether or not it reaches the correct audience. 

Additionally, we have also come to the realization it is important to give authors a voice and a platform, equally so to reading their works. It certainly benefits everyone to become acquainted with the mind behind the work, which is why we also do our best to conduct interviews with those who are open to it, as we already have on a few occasions. We believe there are probably more hidden than known gems in literature at this stage, and hopefully we can do our part in bringing them to the light.