Our Mission

Bookwomex - Our Mission

Our mission here at Bookwormex is to bring the most interesting and entertaining books and introduce the more prominent and promising authors to the literature fans of the world. Rather than rate books on a scale, we prefer to take a more organic approach and look at the unique strengths and weaknesses any given book has and share our in-depth opinion on them.

The sum of human knowledge can be found scattered across the countless books we’ve written as a civilization, and whether a book is seen by the public as good or bad, we believe they all deserve a fair chance, if only for the fact that each one contains a small and unique piece of that knowledge. Books can educate, impart life lessons, entertain, help us through dark times, inspire us to create and a whole lot more, which is why every author ought to have a chance to share their vision with the world.

Unfortunately, to review every single book in existence is a bit of an impossible feat, so we tend to focus on books we believe have a more original premise than what you would expect from the average works in the genre. We also concentrate on helping authors get their name out there, and if you would like us to consider reviewing your book, do contact us without hesitation.

In the digital age of today where we are all interconnected more tightly than ever, we can only hope to spread our love for literature to all of you in the four corners of the Earth!